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French Doors Mardella

Mardella French Doors Supply and Installation

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    We stock a large range of French doors and can come to you in Mardella

    French doors have long been admired for their practical simplicity and delicate design. With French doors, you can enjoy the smooth flow of light that can be added to any living space. We stock a large range of French doors and can come to you in Mardella for installation, and if we don’t have it in stock we will source for you.

    Whether you want to enhance your traditional design scheme, or complement a more contemporary interior, the tasteful simplicity of French doors will fit into almost any style house and room.

    If the idea of glass doors throughout your home makes you nervous, especially with small children or in high traffic areas, let us put your mind at ease. Modern glass doors are heat treated and 500% stronger than regular glass and will only break under extreme force.

    Light, Light Light!

    French doors are a simple yet elegant way of dividing up your living areas without blocking out the light. The single light design of most French doors offers options to add light into rooms but still have them sectioned off from the house. Ideal for home offices or separated living rooms, adding insulation to your home without sacrificing light.

    Light is often the main reason people choose French doors over any other type of door for interior and exterior, just think of all that light from outside you are missing with a solid door.

    What are the benefits of French doors?

    In addition to adding light into a space French doors bring these other advantages as well:

    • Providing a visual bridge between indoors and out, or between adjoining rooms.
    • Expanding your warm-weather living space by opening out to a patio, balcony, or garden.
    • Expanding the sense of space in a room.
    • Bringing natural light into an interior room or hall that doesn’t have windows.
    • Filling wide openings–and creating a flow–between rooms and enabling adjoining rooms to be closed off from each other as needed, such as for noise or heating reasons.

    Types of French doors

    There are many different styles of French doors ranging from single pane (called 1 light) to 10-light styles (2 panes by 5 panes) set in frames made of wood, steel, aluminium, and even fibreglass. Clear glass is most common, but in settings where some privacy is desired, opaque glass may be used.

    French doors also come with a few different installation types from traditionally hinged, louvered (folding), and pivot. If you are struggling to pick the best combination for you contact us today we are happy to discuss your options and help you pick the best fit for you.

    Where can I use French doors?

    Interior: French doors can be used as dividers between rooms such as offices and living rooms that need less privacy. However it is always up to you and what you want, we have seen in upcoming designs that French doors are being used more in master bedrooms to separate ensuites from bedrooms or even as shower doors!

    Exteriors: French doors are most commonly used as opening onto gardens, patios and balconies. Because of security concerns-visibility and easy break-ins they have not been common for front doors. However, with better and stronger glass becoming available they are becoming more popular.

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