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Why adding glass internal doors creates a huge impact!

Glass internal doors

Why should you choose glass internal doors?

Is your home dark and dreary? Why not try adding more natural light by replacing your current internal doors with glass doors? The impact these doors have can change the look and feel of a room completely and will often feature clear glass or obscured glass. Obscure glass will still invite the light in but retain an element of privacy. A lack of natural light in your home can often make a space feel enclosed and dark, so glass internal doors are recommended for smaller rooms. If you are aiming to create a modern and sophisticated look in your home, adding glass internal doors will instantly create a modern and sleek look.

What rooms are best suited to glass doors?

 If you are looking to freshen up your space instantly, then changing from solid wood doors to glass is a great option.  Should you have a limited budget, consider glass doors in the main living rooms and formal areas, and stick to solid wood in the rooms that experience minimal traffic. Glass doors are great at reflecting sound. This makes them ideal for play rooms, living rooms and music rooms.

What glass should you choose for your doors?

Prior to choosing the right glass for your door, its best to think more about your doors purpose and accessibility. If you require optimal privacy (eg bathroom), frosted glass will be your preferred option, instead of completely clear glass. You will still enjoy all the benefits of a clear glass door, but you’ll have the added privacy. Our customers love both our Humes and Corinthian range of internal doors. You can be certain that their products meet all the Australian Building codes and Australian Standards.

Doors Apart can supply and install glass internal doors in your home or space. If you have purchased a custom glass door we are more than happy to install it too. Get in touch with us today!

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