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How to stain your new front door!

New front door? Sikkens is your go to product for staining!

If you have recently installed a new front timber door and are looking to stain it, our biggest recommendation is to use Sikkens products. Staining the door correctly will ensure longevity and keep it looking its best. Sikkens is the premium brand of transparent timber finishes to enhance and protect a timbers natural beauty. This brand is used throughout Australia by architects, builders and interior designers wherever a superior finish is desired.

Use these handy hints to ensure you stain your doors correctly. There is nothing worse than spending thousands on a new front door, only to wreck it by using the wrong product or doing a less than ideal job. Our recommendation is to follow the recommended 3 coat strategy to ensure your door stands the tests of time.

Staining Tips

1/ Leaving the door in place, dust the door down to ensure a clean, dust free surface.

2/ Coat the door with SIKKENS CETOL HLSE. This is a base/primer coat and will allow the timber to breathe while repelling unwanted moisture. This product gives a satin finish, and the wood grain remains visible after application. Apply 1 coat.

3/ Once dry, apply the Sikkens product that suits your desired look. You may like to use SIKKENS CETOL SUPERNATURAL, SIKKENS CETOL TGL GLOSS PLUS or SIKKENS CETOL FILTER 7 PLUS (satin finish) depending on the finish you require. These products are designed as the final two finishing coats over SIKKENS CETOL HLSE.

General Advice

For an ultra-smooth finish sand with 320 grit sandpaper just prior to the final coat. Always apply coatings along the grain and never across.

Recoating for maintenance?

If you are looking to re-coat the door for maintenance, give the door a light sand, then clean the door with a mild detergent and water solution using a damp cloth only. Allow the door to dry thoroughly. Apply two coats of previously applied coating, allowing the recommended product. If your door requires extensive maintenance, it is best to contact Sikkens technical service centre for specific information or speak to a qualified and professional painter.

Special Care Instructions

Every care is taken to ensure that the information provided above is accurate. Doors Apart is unable to guarantee results as it has no control over the conditions under which products are applied, the substrate or the application. The customer has to determine the suitability of the delivered products or information for its intended purpose.

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